Welcome to White Owl Island

You’re … different. Maybe you have to maintain your shape so carefully when your blood runs hot. Maybe you carefully nurse your half-glass of whiskey and hope no-one notices you aren’t drinking it. Maybe you wear gloves to avoid touching some poor mortal (they become infatuated so easily). Day and night, you keep up that ruse, that story… that lie.

Does it have to be that way?

On White Owl, it doesn’t. Nobody here minds what shape you wear. No one cares how pointed your fangs are. Or your ears, or your claws. There’s a price, of course. White Owl is a haven, a “Designated Neutral Ground”. You’ll have to leave behind your clan enmities, pack rivalries, court intrigues, inter-species conflicts.

Cut each other with words, if you must. But shed no blood.

If that appeals to you, and you can find us, then maybe White Owl Island is a place you can be yourself…

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